The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is offering 5 exciting virtual events exclusively for our summer library program! To register for these events click on the image below.

Break down common misconceptions surrounding sharks and rays, as we highlight the unique adaptations these animals have to survive. The program will also allow participants to explore the important roles sharks and rays play in the ecosystem.

Stories of fantasy often weave myths and legends around animals, leading to some misconceptions. During this program, we will sort fact from fiction, while meeting live animals up close!

Join an educator from the River Museum and explore the world of reptiles! Learn about some of their amazing adaptations and the important roles they play in nature. A few live animals will join us.

What has a shell and is covered in scales? If you guessed a turtle, you are correct! Learn all about these animals by meeting some live turtles.

Explore the animals found in the Mississippi River watershed by looking at skulls, furs and live animals!